I am caprea.
I am the voice in your head.


I am Caprea. I am the voice in your head. Sex always begins in the mind. That is where I want to nest and bring about changes in you. Shape you. Improve you. Bit by bit.

First and foremost, I see myself as passionate dominant. For me, my special tastes have been threading through my whole life: My relationships, my interests, my lifestyle.

I use my hypnosis skills to realize the sexual and artistic side of me and you can see that I enjoy every minute of it. My subjects become my muses, inspiring me to ever new ways of creative play. This is how you too will become part of my work of art, which finds its completion through your transformation.

My passions are born from my lustful dominance, my fascination with education and conditioning, as well as my unconventional inventiveness of sadistic and educational measures to bring about my own fulfillment, as well as that of my subjects.

I give security. I create trust. But I also want to see you cry. Out of gratitude, out of fear, out of lust. Who surrenders to me, must be aware that my dark depths run very deep. You will be aroused, but maybe also a bit scared from time to time. But don’t worry. I will start gentle with you.

In return I will meet the trust placed in me and my power games with gratitude and respect. My subjects are never worthless to me. How could they be, since my words are interwoven with their mind?

My Downloads

Erotic audio files for immersive, female dominance

Embark on a journey – a lustful journey through your deepest depths. Let my voice wash over you, enjoy my power and fall into a state of deep trance. Lose yourself and find yourself anew in my hypnotic realm. Drawn into my spell by an immersive soundscape, you succumb to the magnetic pull of my voice, combined with soft musical sounds and carefully accentuated effects.

Enter my personal world and experience your hypnotic self. Explore your limits in a sensual way, get captured by me and shaped according to my vision.

My hypnotic audio files offer you the entry into an intense and intimate connection that we co-create. My flexible training program allows you to navigate through my world according to your desires, while gradually becoming a subject of my vision. You may get an idea of what we can experience together with a free audio sample.

Individual Trance Training

Let us create a unique connection

You want to experience even more? Not only follow my vision, but rather develop a unique, shared fantasy with me? Then let’s leave the paths that have been predesigned and instead create something unique together: I will design a customized trance training with you that is tailored to you and your needs.

In a 45-minute video conference I take the time to get to know you and your character to create a hypnotic vision that grants both of us fulfillment. Using my personal leadership style, I translate the collected ideas and information into a hypnotic audio experience that will captivate you. You will receive an individualized training file from me that you can enjoy over and over again, turning you into a very special subject for me.

My Workshops

Find yourself and your own style in my courses centered around eroticism, hypnosis and female dominance!

No matter if you are single or with a partner – in a two-hour course I help you to unfold your hypnotic potential. I provide you with important building blocks, tools & advice about eroticism, FemDom and hypnosis. The content I teach is highly applicable and will help you to design creative sessions that are not only hot, but also leave a long-lasting impression.

Experience me and my subject live as we demonstrate techniques suitable for everyday use paired up with accessible theory while giving you a sneak peak into our own power dynamic. My workshops are designed to help you to get to know yourself and your sexuality better and offer a variety of fresh ideas that you can take into your everyday life!

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