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About Caprea

Yes, indeed! That’s exactly what I created this homepage for. This is my world. According to my terms. You will read texts I wrote, see photos I took with my partners and friends. You’ll hear audio scripts which originated 100% in my diabolic brain. Everything is imagined, typed in, recorded and even mixed and edited by me! Authenticity is extremely important to me and that’s what I want to stand for.

I do show my whole face. During my workshops, at selected events and during the individualized program I offer you. Also, please keep in mind that I am an active dominant lady and I truly live this lifestyle day to day. Therefore, I regularly visit international and national BDSM meetings. Feel free to talk to me if we bump into each other. Don’t be afraid!

Yes! If you bring an inspiring, intriguing mind to the table, I will most likely be attracted to you. The body your mind inhabits, i.e. what genitals, what skin color or what physical limitations you might have, is of no importance for my fascination with you. For me, the mental connection is completely in the foreground. Elderly, people with disabilities and especially queer folks are very welcome here, too!

Please note: If you are uncertain if your mental or physical diagnosis conflicts with hypnosis, please check with your doctor before using my service.

Great question! You can call me Caprea. I’ve been using this name since I started going to parties and have been active in the scene – that’ s almost 10 years now. Even some of my close friends call me by this name.

I don’t automatically expect you to refer to me by a certain title. I want my title to hold an emotional meaning for you. Hence, a title is something special for me and definitely not a requirement for our first contact. However, you are welcome to ask me if you may address me in a certain way if you actually feel it.

In return I will award a title when I feel like we share a special connection. You are not automatically my “slave” or “servant”. You will start as an aspirant or simply as my subject and we will evolve from there.

The most important thing for me is to experience courtesy and genuine attention from your side. This is essential and you can expect the same in return.

First of all, spider lily. My own scent. I hope you’ll be my favorite one? But seriously, I’m afraid I can’t possibly answer all your questions here. That’s why there will be regular FAQs on my Instagram. In addition, you will get many insights into my everyday life and see directly what inspires me. So, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot more about me and the things I enjoy!

About Hypnosis

To be hypnotized means to be led into a state of consciousness in which you are highly responsive to influence or instruction. This state is called a state of trance. Being in trance is a little like experiencing a waking dream, which I will audio-visually design for you. However, when we are in trance, we are not asleep, but instead actively experience hypnosis. This means you will be able to remember later what you experienced and what was said, just as one can remember dreams sometimes. In addition, with a little effort, you can leave the trance state on your own at any time. This means that you are not automatically at my mercy from the very first second. Of course, if we both want that, there are ways to lead you there. We can extend my power over you bit by bit.

I really appreciate it when my subjects want to educate themselves and learn more about hypnosis. Therefore, you will find the most important terms explained here as simply and beginner-friendly as possible.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a technique to put people in a trance state and influence them in various ways. During hypnosis, the hypnotist puts you into a state of consciousness that is characterized by deep relaxation and increases your receptivity to influence (suggestions). In erotic hypnosis, for example, you experience sensations that enhance pleasure. Effects can be non-recurring or, if desired, can last for a long time (see my definition of Trigger).

Hypnotist: The person who guides the subject and sets the suggestions and triggers. Some hypnotists (like me) enjoy to go into trance with their subject when they hypnotize.

Subject: The person who goes into trance and is hypnotized. Some prefer to use the term hypnotee. I do prefer “subject.” The word has such a royal connotation.

Trance: The state of consciousness in which you can experience hypnosis. There are different depths of trance and reaching them can be practiced. Subjects can also reach the state of trance on their own without a hypnotist (self-hypnosis). Likewise, they can leave it again on their own with some effort, even if this becomes necessary in an unexpected situation (e.g. sudden knock at the door).

Suggestion: Suggestions are influences that the hypnotist incorporates into their narrative, for example, to create even more immersive audioerotics and to enhance sensory impressions. For example, the sensation of an orgasm may be suggested or even a real orgasm can be hypnotically induced. Subjects can also modify or reject the suggestions offered to them, or learn how to do so. You can also easily get rid of unwanted suggestions with my help.

Trigger: Triggers are words, actions or other stimuli to which a suggestion has been attached. (For example, “Whenever I put a finger to my lips and say Pssssht, you will feel your tongue become heavy and lethargic). Triggers can be set and released for short periods of time, but they can also remain in place for extended periods of time and even outside of trance if desired (this is then called a posthypnotic trigger). Triggers that are not in use usually become inactive again naturally at some point.

Raport: Refers to the trust that exists between the hypnotist and the subject. The better the connection, the more intense the hypnosis can be. That’s why hypnosis with me probably works much better compared to a random audio file from the internet. You can look around and listen to me first and build trust that way. Raport develops over time.

Induction: The process of bringing the subject into the state of trance. There are a lot of different possibilities here. Different people, like different types of induction. For example, counting down from 10 to 0, using a guided meditation or making your eyes heavy with a pendulum. An induction can last 20 minutes or as little as 2 seconds, depending on the method!

Exduction: Leading out of trance. Most often, one performs the induction backwards for this purpose: Counting up from 0 to 10, end the guided meditation or let the eyes open up again. By the way, if the subject is not led out of trance by the hypnotist, they will leave the trance state all by themselves after a while. So an exduction is not mandatory, but it feels much, much nicer.

Your safety is very important to me. Therefore, I have earned a license as a certified hypnotist. Furthermore, I bring not only an erotic, but also a scientifically based understanding of hypnosis to the table through my studies of education, sociology and psychology with a focus on psychoanalysis. To analyze people is therefore not only my kink, but also a professional passion. However, you will experience me here exclusively as a recreational hypnotist. I do not want to and am legally not allowed to offer any forms of therapy here.

Hypnosis is always interactive. I like to compare hypnosis to a pair dance. I as a hypnotist guide you with elegance rooted in experience. In the process, you will experience yourself in trance in a whole new way and step by step become better at following my lead. The more often we experience trance together, the more fluid and intense the experience will become. You will learn to obey my voice more and more.


Going into trance can be learned. All people experience trance states everyday without consciously realizing it. The degree to which you can consciously access and use this state from the beginning depends on your suggestibility.

Again, imagine it like dancing: Some people just have a great sense of rhythm. They “feel” the music immediately and can move freely to it. Other people first attend a dance school to get into the swing of things. No matter which type you belong to: You can learn to become an even better subject for me!

This also means that you can hand over control to me at your own pace – ethical “brainwashing” is, after all, a collaborative process. I’m not going to turn you into a mindless toy with the push of a button. I want you to surrender to me of your own free will, and I enjoy the journey to get there.


We share responsibility. I want us both to have fun. I have many wonderful ideas that I would like to implement on and with you. Unfortunately, I can’t control everything. For example, whether you have chosen an undisturbed place and turned off your smartphone so my hypnosis can work optimally. That is your job. My goal is to always have you come out of my hypnosis a little improved. Even though I am an emotional sadist – I don’t want to break my toys. Therefore, pay attention to your well-being and treat yourself responsibly.

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